api 설명

Api Host


Api Type

Public api: Can be accessed without secret key.

Private api: Can only be accessed using api keys. There are two kinds of keys: read only keys and full-privilege keys.

Name Uri Type Privilege Requirement
ticker /api/pub/ticker public -
trades /api/pub/trades public -
depth /api/pub/depth public -
balance /api/account/balance private read only
trust history /api/trade/trust private read only
trust detail /api/trade/fetchtrust private read only
create trust /api/trade/add private full privilege
cancel trust /api/trade/cancel private full privilege

Access Frequency Limitation

To prevent unnecessary api calls, coinnest will limit the frequency of api calls.

Name Uri Limitation
ticker /api/pub/ticker 12/s
trades /api/pub/trades 12/s
depth /api/pub/depth 12/s
balance /api/account/balance 4/s
trust history /api/trade/trust 6/s
trust detail /api/trade/fetchtrust 6/s
create trust /api/trade/add 3/s
cancel trust /api/trade/cancel 3/s

Error Message

Sample Response

    "msg":"abc is not supported",

Response Description

Parameter Description
status The error status code. Please refer to the error code table below.
msg The error message.
data Data returned. Usually empty.

Error Code

Code Description
100 Access is blocked. For example, black name list.
101 Too frequent access.
102 Parameter error. Required parameters are missing or in wrong format.
104 Try to access an api using keys without enough privileges.
105 Failed to validate the signature.
106 The user is in black name list.
200 System error. Please refer to the msg content and seek for technical support.